Airport Guard Accused Of Using Scanner To Harass Female Co-Worker

You knew this had to happen eventually. A security guard at Heathrow Airport is now facing harassment allegations after using a full-body scanner to snap a revealing pic of a female co-worker… Oh, and telling her how much he loves her boobs.

The 25-year-old guard took the snapshot of his colleague as she walked through a scanner that produces images that clearly show the outlines of the body underneath your clothes.

If it wasn’t bad enough that he was using the scanner to ogle his co-worker, the guard allegedly told her, “I love those gigantic tits.”

“I can’t bear to think about the body scanner thing,” said the female employee, who immediately notified the police and the management at Heathrow. “I’m totally traumatised by it.”

The male guard has been given a warning by the police and faces losing his job.

This is the first reported case of an airport guard caught using a full-body scanner for lascivious purposes. But don’t you think it’s highly likely that this is going to occur more often as scanners are installed in greater numbers at airports everywhere?

One type of new scanner attempts to preempt this kind of event by immediately deleting images after the person being scanned has been cleared.

Police quiz airport X-ray security worker who used naked body scanner to leer at colleague [Daily Mail]

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