Insurance Covers Meds If Your Kid Is Clumsy, But If He's Autistic, He Owes $24,000

Nine-year old Nico owes $24,000. If he was just clumsy, he wouldn’t, but because he’s autistic, he’s got to cough it up, according to the insurance company—and the collections agency that keeps calling him every day.

My little boy was written a prescription for Occupational Therapy by his pediatrician for dyspraxia and hypotonia.

My insurance approved the prescription.

After 2 years, they revoked their approval because he has autism and backcharged me $24,000…

…f*** my insurance for them helping a neurotypical child that has issues with clumsiness, but not helping out a child with an autism diagnosis. It gives me the rage.

The mother says she is appealing the issue and working on getting the debt transfered over to he. However, the collections agency keeps calling every day wanting to talk to Nico, despite her protests that he’s in elementary school right now and can’t come to the phone.

True Story [Pretty Girl Songs] (Thanks to MercuryPDX!)

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