Logitech Replaces Mouse Under Warranty When Tweeted At

Everyone is tired of hearing about Twitter. It’s not the newest and shiniest communications tool anymore, and stories about its effectiveness in customer service aren’t novel anymore. Reader Ryan is tired of hearing about Twitter, but he shared a story with Consumerist about how Logitech only replaced his mouse under warranty after he tweeted at them.

Thought I’d relate a story to you about a neat customer service experience I had on twitter (I know, I’m sick of hearing about it too). In early July, my bluetooth Logitech MX Revolution mouse (part of the MX5500 set) stopped taking a charge. The charge indicator just flashed red every time I put it on the cradle. After searching around, it became evident that the mouse was going to need replacement.

I contacted support by email on July 8. Within the next day I was informed that my replacement request would be granted. I supplied the information (including a scan of the receipt) that they requested. Here’s where things went off the rails. I didn’t hear anything back. No shipping confirmation, no tracking numbers, nothing. I emailed once a few days later to make sure that everything was progressing. No response. On Monday the 13th I called the customer support line. They told me it was listed as in the warehouse and ready to ship. The fellow on the phone said he didn’t know why it was held up, but it should go out soon.

A week passes, I call again, I get the same story. I was sort of concerned at this point. It shouldn’t take almost 2 weeks for something to be shipped (I’d had a replacement once before and it only took a few days). I could live without it for a while, I just wanted to know that it would actually be shipped at some point. The people on the customer service line had no more information about it. So, dejected, I did what everyone is doing these days, I complained about it on Twitter. I made some sort of snarky comments about how Logitech’s warranty exchange systems was a bit ridiculous. The next day I had a reply from @Logitech asking for my case number, which I immediately supplied.

The very next day @Logitech explained that the MX5500 was on back-order. No one in the actual customer service department knew this. Not only that, but they were going to pull one from their “stash” in California, and ship it to me overnight ( I assume retail stash?). So here I am today with my replacement mouse courtesy of @Logitech on Twitter. After waiting 2 weeks for Logitech Proper, it only took Logitech on Twitter 2 days to get me taken care of.

This whole situation doesn’t show the neatness of Twitter as much as the flaws in the standard customer service system. Should it really require three different contact methods to get hold of an item that was supposed to be replaced under warranty.

Logitech comes through… eventually [Honestly Anomalous]

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