E*Trade Baby Will Be A Movie Star

Drawing on the surefire commercial-to-feature film pipeline, 20th Century Fox is making a movie out of those sometimes funny, sometimes not E*Trade talking baby spots.

Pajiba reports:

20th Century Fox is developing a film based on the E*Trade talking babies. No. I am not making this up. Actress and writer Katie Dippold (“Parks and Recreation,” “MADtv”) is penning the script. And no. I’m not kidding. The film is a “mission movie,” about a group of talking babies trying to make their way across the playground.

NO. I am not lying to you! Why would I lie? What reason would I have to bring you news like that if it weren’t true. Hell. Don’t blame me. Blame The Hollywood Cog. He’s the one that told me. Better yet, blame 20th Century Fox. No wait. Blame E*Trade.

Exciting, right? Thirty seconds of the talking baby was never enough. We need at least 90 minutes of it. After all, it’s been too long since the Look Who’s Talking series.

An E-Trade Baby Movie…Because You Demand It [Pajiba via Get the Big Picture]

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