For Dyeing Easter Eggs, Cheap, Simple, And Classic Is Best

You can find a variety of Easter egg dyeing kits in stores, but what sets them apart? Holidash tested a variety of commercial egg-decorating kits, evaluating methods to decorate eggs with everything from glitter to Star Wars decals. Their winner? The classic color tablets and wire egg holders of the century-old Paas egg-dyeing kit.

Easy for big and little kids to manage. Colors were most vibrant in the vinegar-based bath; the lemon juice bath was disappointing. Dye will temporarily stain little fingers and hands, but will wash out of clothes with basic pre-treating, although we recommend smocks or old t-shirts to keep kids covered.

We do, however, take offense to their declaring the Dudley’s Star Wars kit to be the best for boys. Hmph. Just for boys?

Easter Egg Dye Road Test: Which Kit Is the Best? [Holidash]

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