This Baby Outfit Provides A Disturbing Vision Of The Future

Is “Someday I’ll get trashed at prom” an appropriate slogan for a baby t-shirt or onesie? How about “future cougar?” Sure, we at Consumerist like over-the-top humor as much as more than anyone, but can kids’ shirts go too far? Or does it matter all that much when the wearer can’t even talk yet, let alone read? That’s what Brian wonders about this outfit from Wry Baby available at Babies ‘R’ Us.

Brian writes:

I’m all for funny shirts, but even this seems a little over the top, especially for such a mainstream store as Babies-R-Us.

The slogan makes a little more sense in context with the company’s other products, like onesies that declare “Someday I’ll Demand a Pony” and “Even My Poop Is Cute.”

Since I lack both children and mainstream sensibilities, I am probably a poor choice to pass judgment on this outfit. So what do you think?

Wry Baby Trashed At Prom 2 Piece Outfit (0-6 Months) [Babies R Us]
Someday I’ll Get Trashed at Prom Snapsuit [Wry Baby]

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