This Is How You Debate Health Care Reform, Brooklyn Style!

“The Republican Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” So said Rep. Anthony Weiner of Brooklyn last month in front of Congress. As we move towards a historic vote on health care reform, let’s take a moment to throw some gas on the fire and revisit some of the awesomely incendiary rhetoric of this statesman on revamping our health care system. Now this a healthy health care debate!

Weiner stands up in front of Congress and calls the Republican party a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry. He is penalized for his remarks by a procedural rule, and is allowed to withdraw and revise them. He does so, and clarifies that every Republican is working for the insurance industry.

Weiner vs Fox n Friends

Fox n Friends can’t keep a good debater down.

Weiner Leaves Joe Scarborough Flummoxed

Weiner asks Scarborough several times what exactly health insurance companies are bringing to the table and he is incapable of responding.