Geek Squad To Provide Yet Another Useless Service For 3D Televisions

HDGuru reports that Best Buy is at it again, charging innocent customers for truly unnecessary services. This time, they’re offering to sync your 3D glasses as part of a Geek Squad package to hook up your new 3D TV and Blu-Ray player. Sure, the connection services are logical enough, but the glasses sync thing makes no sense. Why? Because 3D glasses don’t need to be synced.

HD Guru called three Best Buy stores. After confirming each employee received training on 3D TVs and installation services, we asked them to explain the process of “syncing” the 3D glasses. We received three different but oddly similar responses.

Blue shirt one said the glasses need to be synced with the Blu-ray player. The second geek referred to the 3D glasses needing to sync to the player via the USB port within the glasses, an impossible feat as there is no USB port on the glasses. The third stated the need to acquire the glasses’ IP address to sync with the Blu-ray player. There is no IP address for 3D glasses; they have no connectivity to the Internet. The Samsung battery powered glasses “sync” to the 3D content wirelessly via an infra-red pulse emitted by the TV.

We contacted Best Buy’s media relations department and asked why the company offers a fictional service. We are still awaiting a response.

Maybe what they really mean is that they “optimize” the glasses by cleaning the lenses with a nice silk cloth.

Update: Best Buy has responded to HD Guru’s story.

Best Buy Offers Bogus 3D Sync Service [HDGuru] (Thanks, Vince and GitEmSteveDave!)

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