Walmart-Owned Store Delivers Sex Lube Instead Of Kids' Bubble Bath

Not even a week after Walmart-owned British retail chain Asda decided that “Fat Balls” might be an inappropriate name for bird food, they also managed to royally screw up an order for kids’ bubble bath and sent a bottle of lube instead.

Mike, a father of two young children, had ordered some Lucky Matey bubble bath online from Asda. The order was fulfilled and delivered by a local store. Lucky for everyone involved, Mike noticed the error right away.

“I’ve no idea who could confuse sexual lubricant for children’s bubble bath,” he told reporters. “When they bring your order they give you a delivery list to check so that you can confirm the substitutes. When I saw what they’d done I was gobsmacked!”

Adds Mike, “I did have a laugh about it with the delivery guy who was quite young and seemed embarrassed about it.”

Rather than just “taking this seriously,” a rep for Asda was suprisingly candid: “We’ve messed up here. The substitution was clearly not appropriate and we apologise to the family for any upset caused. To avoid any further mix-ups we’ve changed the way both items are described on the booking form used by our store pickers.”

Asda also sent along some free bubble bath as a make-good to Mike and his family.

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