Universal Studios Gift Shop Guy Wrongly Told Me It Was OK To Bring Snow Globe On Flight

Back in November we learned the TSA suspected snow globes of being possible terrorist devices, possibly because of their overpoweringly wintry and hypnotic nature. Apparently the Universal Studios gift shop doesn’t have us on RSS, because an employee told John it was OK to bring on his globe on a flight.

Not OK. The TSA confiscated the offending globe and now John is souvenirless.

Here’s the message he sent to Universal, which went to Spencer’s and bounced back, saying Spencer’s no longer handles the gift shop:

was in the Universal Orlando store night before last and bought a Spider-Man mini snow globe for about 12 bucks. I asked the cashier about whether that was ok to take on the plane (since I only had a carry-on it was an important question, given the liquid) in the “liquids bag” that is permitted. He said “let me check” and asked
another cashier and what appeared to be a floor manager, and they assured me it would be fine.

I would not have gotten this item otherwise (I also got some very cool Spider-Man dog tags). The next morning the globe was confiscated by the TSA at Orlando airport. Their
rules is no snow globes on carry-ons at all ever. Having no checked bag I was forced to surrender my globe. The TSA rep admitted it was an arcane rule, but it was to be enforced nonetheless.

Your store surely sells a lot of these globes and it must have gotten back to your organization at some point that there’s a very great risk for the weekend traveler to Orlando if they want one. I am irked that I was assured this was fine. I would still very much like the Spider-Man snow globe. If you would see your way to sending me the globe I paid for, I would be most appreciative.

I haven’t finished my vacation blog report and would like to have a happier ending for it. If you see fit to send one, my address is John Thomas, [redacted] . Either way, please let your staff know what the limits are with snow globes. This can’t have been the first time this has happened.

If you have any insight as to how to deal with Universal Studios, please leave your advice in the comments.

When Traveling, Beware The Snow Globe Terrorist Menace

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