Target Is Slashing Full-Timers' Hours At My Store

An anonymous Target employee writes in with a story that seconds what we were told back in February about the company reducing several thousand full-timers to part-time.

The tipster writes:

I am a Target employee and wanted to write a follow-up to this story.

I am not the original poster, however, I want to fill in a few details. For the last three weeks, almost every non-salaried person had their hours reduced, some by about 60%. This is the situation I’m currently in.

We have quite a few team members, like me, that are trained in every possible section of the store (sales floor, cashier, backroom, food court, carts, instock). We even closed a few nights as team leads. For a year I’ve been getting 40-45 hours. For the last 3 weeks, I have got 18 and was told it will not go back up anytime soon, if at all. There is no excuse for this since I can work in any part of the store and should have hours somewhere. Please note that there are at least 2-3 positions for each area of the store (3 in backroom, 2 sales floor, 2 instocks, etc).

Also, a lot of higher paid people have been disappearing. At least two I confirmed were fired, but for the most silly and minor reasons. Sorry for the lack of detail, but I don’t want to be identified. A note about the specialists situation. They did in fact get rid of all specialists and will replace them with lower paid minimum wage workers (I checked the pay grade). For example, what a single $12-15 person did will now be split between 3 people for minimum wage. And I have a strong feeling, which is influenced by my store leader and hr, that they will probably get rid off by giving minimum amount of hours.

Target disputed the earlier post, and if the company has anything to say about this one we’ll follow up.

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