Starbucks Tip Jar Heisted Through Drive-Thru Window

In a slightly more upscale version of the McDonald’s beer bottle drive-thru robbery from earlier in the week, a Starbucks in Texas had its tip jar heisted by someone passing through the drive-thru lane.

According to police, a fella cruisin’ in a PT Cruiser rolled up to the drive-thru window at the Starbucks in League City, TX, around 3 p.m. And when the ‘bucks employee at the window turned to get the guy’s order, the driver snatched the tip jar — and the $25 inside — through the window and drove off.

The employee didn’t notice the missing jug o’ cash, but the driver of the car behind the suspect had an eagle eye, not only spoting the theft, but writing down the license plate number.

Thievery in Starbuck’s drive-through line [Ultimate Clear Lake]

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