Chicago-Area Subway Now Being Blamed For 78 Illnesses

Yesterday, we wrote about a Chicago-area Subway that was the target of lawsuits after being tied to 21 separate cases of Shigellosis, an infectious disease caused by the food-borne Shigella bacteria. Well, that number has increased, just a little bit, to 78 confirmed cases.

The Health Dept. in DuPage County released the news yesterday about the increase in the number of cases stemming from tainted food at the Subway in Lombard, IL.

Health officials say that they know of 11 people who have been hospitalized from the disease. As of yesterday, all but one had been released.

Symptoms of Shigellosis include diarrhea, vomiting, fever and stomach cramps. These normally begin one to two days after being exposed to the bacteria.

The Lombard restaurant remains closed during the ongoing investigation, though we doubt there are people lining up for its grand reopening.

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