Dell Just Calls This $150 Upsell What It Is

Dell has given up even pretending to be subtle. They’ve just gone ahead and call their offer of in-home programming for your Logitech Harmony remote control what it is–an upsell.


What does that $150 get you?

On-site Service: Harmony Remote Programming is designed for home users, service includes:

  • Set up a User ID and Password that will be given to the customer as a log-in web user
  • Program Harmony remote control for up to 8 devices and 6 activities
  • Test remote control to insure all devices are working properly
  • Provide a maximum fifteen (15) minute basic review of service as summarized in checklist

Thanks for not insulting our intelligence by calling this a “special offer” or other nonsense that just means “upsell,” Dell!

Harmony Remote Programming Upsell [Dell] (Thanks, Nahuel!)

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