Police Report Supports Runaway Prius Driver's Story

The Associated Press is reporting that a newly released police report confirms details given by the driver of the runaway Prius, but does not address inconsistencies between the driver’s story and information provided by Toyota.

Here we go:

The account in the report is consistent with details the driver and CHP officer gave reporters shortly after the incident. Toyota, however, has cast doubt on the driver’s story.

The report said the CHP officer trailed the Prius at 95 mph on Interstate 8 east of San Diego, and the car slowed to about 50 mph before the officer told driver Jim Sikes over a loudspeaker to hit the floor brake and emergency brake simultaneously.

Sikes gradually came to an unassisted stop and was not injured.

The lights were on “for a period of time and would turn off, indicating the driver was possibly pumping the brakes,” CHP Officer Todd Neibert wrote in his seven-page incident report.

“I was within 1/4 mile of the vehicle and could smell the heated brakes which indicated they had been used extensively,” it states, referring to 400 meters.

The report offered some new details and dozens of photos about events that occurred after Sikes called police on March 8 to say his gas pedal got stuck on a San Diego-area freeway.

The report also says that the driver initially didn’t want to speak to the media, but was encouraged to do so by the police officer.

“I advised him the media would most likely seek him out if he did not speak to them voluntarily,” the officer wrote.

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