Avatar To Get No-Frills DVD Release; No 3-D Version Until Next Year

Because James Cameron’s Avatar — that little indie film about indigenous people fighting against corporate greed — apparently didn’t make enough money at the box office, Twentieth Century Fox has decided to come out with three different DVD versions of the flick.

The first DVD release is timed — not coincidentally — to Earth Day, April 22. And, perhaps in keeping with the day’s focus on conservation and waste-reduction, this version will have none of the extra features I always think I’ll watch but rarely do.

Fox is claiming that the lack of extras on the DVD isn’t just to save them for later editions, but to get high quality sound and video onto the disc.

If you actually do want all the extra doodads and whatnots, Fox says there will be an “Ultimate Edition” of the movie that will, presumably, have that. But they should really call it the “Penultimate Edition,” because they have yet another version slated for 2011.

That third edition, which doesn’t have a release date, will be in 3-D, so I can get motion sick at home instead of in the theater.

Which, if any, would you buy? And do you think Fox is trying to get people to purchase multiple copies, or are they just trying to cater to as many different DVD buyers as possible?

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