Fry's Wouldn't Give Me Advertised Price On Printer, Lied To Me

Mike blogs that Fry’s advertised a good deal for a printer, but when he ordered it and tried to pick it up, the electronics store told him it was out of stock. Mike discovered that Fry’s did have the printer, but says customer service lied to him, and even admitted doing so.

He writes:

Me: “I was called. Twice actually. And both people told me the printer was out of stock.”
Her: “That’s right.”
Me: “But you clearly have plenty of stock. I had the other store check your inventory, and you have over 30. So why was I lied to about being out of stock?”
Her: “Um…”
Me: “So, basically you guys lied to me, right?”
Her: “Yeah, kinda” <---- Swear she said this, amazing. Me: "Okay, so at this point, since you just admitted your people lied to me and everyone else who bought this, I think you should honor the price. I drove out here in good faith based on the hope that the 'out of stock' voicemail was simply a mistake" Her: "Let me see what I can do"

So she leaves, and in comes a real piece of work. The Customer Service Manager, Jonathan Bayas, walks up to me with a super grin. Again for the sake of emphasis, will quote the conversation.

Him: “Hello sir. This was a price mistake”
Me: Okay, if that’s the case, why was I called on TWO Separate occasions and NOT told that, but instead told that the printer was out of stock.
Him: “Did you receive the e-mail saying it was ready for pickup?”
Me: No
Him: “Well then?”
Me: Are you serious? You’re employees LIED to me! How do you not see anything wrong with that?!?
Him: “I will speak to them about it. But we will not honor the price. If we gave you the price, then we would need to call back all 30 other people that also ordered the printer.”
Me: THAT”S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!!! YOU LIED TO ALL OF US! How do you not see anything wrong with this?!?!
Him: “I’m sorry sir. Have a good day”

Mike is less than satisfied with the situation. Any advice for him?

Fry’s Electronics – Admits to Lying, Still Won’t Provide Customer Service [Missing Remote]

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