Woman Attacked At Walmart, Says Security Didn't Stop Attacker

A Houston woman says she was attacked by a man wielding a knife inside her local Walmart and that the store security did nothing to stop the incident or to apprehend the attacker.

According to the woman, she went to the store around 6 a.m. to do some pre-breakfast grocery shopping when she claims a man put her in a chokehold and pulled a knife on her.

“I’m inside the store and all of the sudden I’m being robbed,” she told reporters. “I can’t describe what I’m feeling. I’m shocked. I’m seeing my life flash before me. I’m seeing my children.”

After giving her money to her alleged attacker, the woman says she followed him as he attempted to leave the store.

But, just like the burglar who robbed a Walmart using a crowbar he stole from Walmart, the woman claims her attacker strolled out the front door without being stopped by security or any store employees.

According to her recollection of the incident, the victim says she was told by the manager that the security guards are not permitted to get involved with robberies.

“He said even if the security guards had been inside the store, there’s nothing that they can do,” she said. “They are there to protect the store.”

In a statement to the press, Walmart explained their take on the situation:

When the customer made us aware, we immediately contacted police, who are the best equipped to respond to this type of situation,” spokeswoman Anna Taylor wrote in a statement. “We contacted the customer and her family to express our concern, and we worked with police in their investigation. When responding to a situation like this, we always take into consideration the safety and security of our customers as well as our associates.

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