Upgrades: Blippy Lets You Screen Out Single Purchases

Blippy launched a few months ago as a service that lets you plug in your credit card and broadcasts online every single purchase you make. For people looking for public accountability about what they spend money on, or just another social networking vanity trip, it’s pretty neat. But maybe there’s certain things that come in brown paper bags that you don’t want your mother stumbling across. Rolling out along with a Facebook-esque site redesign, Blippy has added a new privacy feature that lets you manually screen out individual purchases before the hit the net, and your mom hits the roof. To use it,

sign in and click “accounts.” Then you can adjust the settings for individual retailers to whether you want the purchases to automatically show to your followers, or if you want to review the purchases manually before revealing them, as well as whether or not you want it to go to Twitter.

blippy.jpgBlippy [Official Site]
Blippy Gets A Facebook-Inspired Redesign And An Important New Privacy Feature [TechCrunch via Consumer Reports Electronics Blog]
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