Man Sues Airline For Not Looking At His Scrotum

A man recently filed suit against Canadian airline Air Transat because the flight attendants refused to give proper medical attention… to his scrotum.

According to the suit, the plaintiff was flying from Montreal to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when he went to the bathroom to check on a discomfort in his groin area, only to see spots of blood.

The passenger asked two different flight attendants — first a female and then a male — to get a closer look at his business to determine the exact nature of the spotting. Not surprisingly, both attendants passed on the opportunity and offered him some sanitary towels instead.

He then asked to see a doctor and the attendants told him they would contact a doctor if his condition worsened.

The passenger made his way to the hospital in Mexico and was diagnosed as having ruptured a vein in the area near his scrotum. It took three stitches to stop the bleeding.

In the suit filed against both the airline and the staff on that particular flight, the plaintiff charged that they failed to provide appropriate medical assistance and sought monetary damages.

However, the judge in the case found no merit in the suit and not only dismissed it outright, but ordered the plaintiff to pay the airline’s court costs.

“It was not incumbent upon a flight attendant to conduct the medical examination of a passenger, a measure reserved for the medical profession,” wrote the judge in her decision. “Nothing in the facts proves that that the situation was dangerous or worrisome to the point of requiring the immediate attention of a doctor.”

Man sues airline for not looking at his scrotum [Toronto Sun via Jaunted]

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