Internet Explorer 6 Takes A Dirt Nap

Aten Design Group of Denver hosted a funeral for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 last week, after Google Docs and Google Sites stopped supporting the browser. YouTube will drop IE 6 — released in 2001 — Saturday. CNN reports the story of IE 6’s sendoff:

This is not the first time someone has tried to bury Internet Explorer 6. A handful of Facebook groups are dedicated to killing off the browser, and an “IE must die” movement has circulated on Twitter.

While Microsoft would not comment on Thursday’s IE6 funeral, the company has consistently recommended that consumers upgrade to its latest version of Internet Explorer and acknowledges that its dated browser is no longer the most efficient way to surf the Web.

“While we recommend Internet Explorer 8 to all customers, we understand we have a number of corporate customers for whom broad deployment of new technologies across their desktops requires more planning,” a Microsoft representative wrote in an e-mail to CNN.

IE 8 was released a year ago. Let us know which browser you prefer in this poll:

‘Funeral’ held for aging Web browser [CNN]

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