SEC Sues Psychic For Not Actually Being Able To See Future

On his personal website, “natural psychic and Remote Viewer” Sean David Morton claims to have predicted everything from the 1989 San Francisco earthquake to Bill Clinton’s impeachment to the burst of the dotcom bubble. But that doesn’t impress the SEC, who filed a lawsuit against Morton yesterday, alleging that he committed $6 million worth of securities fraud by claiming he could see into the future.

According to the SEC filing:

Morton claimed that he would use his psychic expertise to provide investment guidance to his investing team, and falsely touted his historical success in psychically predicting the various rises and falls of the market. Morton further claimed that he would use the pooled funds to trade in foreign currencies and distribute pro rata the trading profits among the investors. However, Morton lied to investors about his past successes, and about key aspects of the Delphi Investment Group, including the use of investor funds and the liquidity of the funds, and that the profits in the accounts were audited and certified.

Whatever you think of this lawsuit, you should definitely go over to his site to read all about his feature film “Joe Killionaire” and see the many pics of him with celebs ranging from Sting to Moon Unit Zappa.

SEC Sues Pyschic For Securities Fraud [NPR]

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