POLL: Do You Need A 31-Ounce Iced Coffee From Starbucks?

While Starbucks has been busy trying to appease both sides of the gun-control debate, they’ve also been busy test-marketing their latest offering, a 31-ounce iced coffee beast known as a “Trenta.”

The bountiful beverage, which can also be an iced tea, is intended to compete against McDonald’s bladder-busting 32-ounce sweet tea that they’ve been offering for only $1.

In Phoenix and Tampa, where they’ve been testing the Trenta, they’ve set a price of $3.30 for the iced coffee and $2.60 for tea.

In a statement about the potential caloric impact on your body from a drink of this size, Starbucks says:

Trenta is only available for iced teas and iced coffees. Unsweetened the beverages are less than 5 calories, but even a sweetened iced coffee or tea in a Trenta cup would be less than 200 calories.

So what do you think?

Update: Starbucks Says the Trenta Won’t Make You Fat
[Seattle Weekly]

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