Zero Nutritional Difference Between Campbell's "Healthy" Tomato Soups And Regular, Just Higher Price

A new ABC7 investigation shows Campbell’s “Healthy Request” and “Low Sodium” tomato soups contain the same nutrients and exact same amount of sodium as regular tomato soups, but they cost more. “Eek! Waiter! There’s a scam in my soup!”

* Both the “LOW SODIUM” and normal tomato soups contain the same amount of sodium, 480mg.
* The “HEALTHY” and regular tomato soups are nutritionally exactly the same
* Except “HEALTHY” contains 1.5 grams of fat while regular has 0 grams of fat.
* Normal soup costs $.99
* Ostensibly “healthier” costs $1.49

* “Healthy” varieties cost more is because the recipes are different
* And they’re made in smaller batches.
* Fat was added for flavor
* And to help the body absorb nutrients
* “Healthy” claim falls within American Heart Association guidelines
* “25% less sodium” claim is as compared to the average “all varieties” of condensed soup, not just tomato.

* Classic example of two-tiered pricing, and deceptive marketing
* It seems we live in a culture where everything is perceived as unhealthy until a marketing message tells us otherwise
* Always read the fine print, even on your freakin’ cans of plain tomato soup

Soup label conundrum: Less is sometimes more [Michael Finney’s Consumer Blog]

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