I Am Liberal And Employed, But Republicans And Job Sites Won't Stop Spamming Me

In a funny blog post, Nicole goes into a rant about how she can’t stop certain organizations from spamming her no matter what she tries, name dropping Monster.com and the Republican Party in particular.

She writes:

Initially, my technique was to just delete the newsletters as they came in, unopened, until I finally realized that um, if I want the horror to stop I have to actually unsubscribe to each newsletter individually. So I did. I diligently opened each one, scrolled to the bottom, clicked unsubscribe, got taken to a ridiculous webpage asking me questions about why I was unsubscribing that were always multiple choice when really they should have been fill in the blank so I could be all, “BECAUSE I’M AN EMPLOYED DEMOCRAT AND BESIDES WHICH I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS OBNOXIOUS -SS EMAIL IN THE FIRST PLACE THANK YOU GO AWAY THE END.”

Here’s a post with advice on how to get email marketers to quit you.

What do you do to get overly persistent companies to stop emailing you?

big brother, lip balm, and oh my god just let me unsubscribe already [More is Better]

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