One Knife Breaks, KitchenAid Replaces The Whole Set

Starla used to have a wonderful set of red-handled knives from KitchenAid. While washing dishes, one day she dropped a large knife into the sink, somehow cracking the blade down the middle. This wouldn’t do. She contacted KitchenAid to find out whether they would replace the broken knife, which was only a few years old. Since the red set had been discontinued, they just sent her a whole new set of knives.

After getting married in 2003 my husband had bought me a KitchenAid knife set that I desperately wanted. These knives were red handled and matched our 50’s kitchen perfectly. Well, last year while I was doing the dishes, I picked up one of the larger knives and proceeded to wash it in the sink but right as I picked it up it slipped out of my gloved hand and fell back into our deep metal sink. I picked the knife back up and saw that there was a huge crack in the middle of the blade. Needless to say that I was a bit miffed that a knife from such an expensive knife set would break after being dropped from a height no more than a foot.

I emailed KitchenAid to see if they would be willing to send me a replacement knife. Within a day I received a response from KitchenAid asking me to describe the knife and a model number if I had one available. I responded back with a description of the knife and explained to them that I had no idea what the model number was as it had been a few years since the knife set had been purchased.

The next day I had another reply email from KitchenAid. This email explained that KitchenAid no longer sold that style knife set in red. They had a black set that looked exactly like my red set if I was interested or I could opt for a stainless steel set (which came with two extra steak knives). I was a little sad at first as I didn’t want a mismatched knife set that was, until, I read the bottom of the email which stated that all I had to do was let them know which set I wanted and they would send me a brand new complete knife set free of charge.

I couldn’t believe it! A whole entire knife set to replace one knife. I chose the stainless steel set as the black seemed a bit boring and within seven days I had a new knife set which I currently use.

I am completely in awe of their exemplary customer service and felt that the public needed to be made aware of it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a KitchenAid knife breaking under what seems like everyday pressure, but it’s good to hear that they more than made up for the breakage.

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