Landlord Accused Of Surprise Bug Bomb Attack On Tenant

There’s legal proceedings a-brewin’ in New York City. A man has file suit against his landlady — to the tune of $1 million — claiming she decided to do some mass bug-bombing in his apartment… while he and his family were still at home.

According to the lawsuit, the tenant says his landlord gave no warning and didn’t ask permission to enter his family’s Queens apartment, where she set off canisters of the colorfully named Real-Kill Indoor Fogger 5.

“She never called on the phone, never rang the doorbell. She just opened the chemical,” the tenant told The NY Post.

The tenant’s lawyer claims that his client inhaled some of the fogger fumes and subsequently took a tumble down the stairs while fleeing the bug bomb bonanza.

For her part, the landlady kept it short and sweet, telling reporters, “He’s a liar, and that will be proven in court.”

There’s obviously not enough detail here to say who’s telling the truth, but supposing the tenant’s story is correct, do you think he deserves $1 million?

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