Update On Woman Sent To Jail For Using Gift Cards At Best Buy


Last month, New York City’s NY1 news channel produced a news segment on the woman who was arrested for paying with AMEX gift cards at a Best Buy. If you read our earlier post with Ilona’s email, you already know most of the basics, but you can see the problematic gift cards and hear Ilona describe the experience in her own words. It turns out that after she was released, she went back to Best Buy for either a refund or the DVD player, but had to leave without either one–she was told she’d have to contact American Express to resolve the problem.

NY1 says they contacted Best Buy and received the following statement:

We are really sorry this incident occurred and send our deepest apologies to Ms. Klaver.

When the card was rejected, the employee tried to… figure out why, but mistakenly provided the card issuer with the wrong card information.

The news station says American Express has sent her a $175 gift card as a “goodwill gesture,” and that Best Buy has since offered to refund her purchase. Ilona has rejected Best Buy’s offer and is filing suit.

“NY1 For You: Gift Card Glitch Lands Shopper In Jail” [NY1] (Thanks to Anthony!)

“Best Buy Sends Customer To Jail For Paying With AMEX Gift Card”

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