Denny's Really Wants You To Follow This Taiwanese Twitter Account

Most chain restaurants have gotten into the social networking game in recent years, pushing customers to their Facebook and Twitter pages for news, deals, contests and the like. But Denny’s is looking to create a paradigm shift, using valuable menu space to direct customers to a Twitter account written in Chinese and having nothing to do with any of their delicious breakfasts.

Yes, menus at Denny’s encourage fans of the restaurant to “Join the Conversation” and points people in the direction of The problem is, that appears to be the personal Twitter of someone in Taiwan named Dennys Hsieh.

Alas, this is not some sort of avant garde, post-Twitter irony. Nor is this a case of cybersquatting. According to Denny’s, the real explanation is as dull as plain oatmeal — a simple misprint.

Making the error even more hilarious, is the fact that it was apparently pointed out to the company as long ago as last November — and yet the incorrect Twitter is still listed on the thousands of menus at any of the over 1,500 Denny’s restaurants across the country.

As an aside — does anyone else REALLY want pancakes right now?

If you’re curious, Denny’s does in fact operate two, yes two, Twitter accounts:

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