Apple Angles To Make Its Apps Less Sexy

Apple is bent on preventing its App Store from becoming a cesspool of pornography, according to a TechCrunch post, which says Apple’s rules are a bit constrictive, banning tight clothing and bathing suits as well as nudity.

From the post:

Earlier this week, when Apple notified developers that their applications were being removed, it said that it was removing applications with “overtly sexual content”. That sounds like the ban only extends to apps that are little more than soft core porn. But we’re hearing from multiple developers that it actually means anything that could be even the slightest bit titillating in any way — including swimsuits and fitness outfits. In short, if your app has skin, it will probably be rejected.

What do you think about the alleged censorship?

The New App Store Rules: No Swimsuits, No Skin, And No Innuendo [TechCrunch, via Kotaku]

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