Tenants Sue Landlord Over "Ugly" Ikea Kitchen

For anyone that thought Ikea made something you can be proud to have in your home, a new lawsuit filed in New York City has some bad news. The former tenants of a Gramercy Park building are pursuing legal action against their onetime landlords for, among other things, installing an “ugly” Ikea kitchen.

The plaintiffs, who had rented the entire 16th floor of the building, claim that the wealthy Icelandic couple who own the property admitted themselves that the kitchen wasn’t up to snuff in the chic Manhattan neighborhood.

“The kitchen installed is manufactured by Ikea, which is generally known to offer low-budget furniture,” reads the complaint in the lawsuit filed Wednesday. “It did not rise to the level of a kitchen suitable for a property located at 50 Gramercy Park North.”

According to the filing, it isn’t just the tenants who are being snobby about the decor: “The kitchen has also been a source of embarrassment for Plaintiff and the subject of remarks by guests.”

The kitchen is just one facet of the $52,000 suit, which also has gripes about the space’s air conditioning, windows, appliances and shower. There’s also something about chicken wing bones raining down on guest from the balcony above.

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