My Starbucks Had No Salt

Orlando Sentinel consumer advocate Greg Dawson was disappointed to discover Starbucks had no salt for his hard-boiled egg. The barista told him that he needed to head to some other place if he wanted to get his salt on.

He writes:

“We don’t have any salt,” the girl behind the counter told me.

“No salt?” I said incredulously. “Not even in back?”

“I’m, sorry – we don’t have any salt.”

“But I can’t eat this hard-boiled egg without salt!”

Seeing the panic in my eyes, the girl said, “Try the sandwich shop next door – they probably have salt.”

Is this a Starbucks-wide thing, or did Greg just pick the wrong spot?

Dawson: Starbucks – pass the salt!
[Orlando Sentinel]
(Thanks, Eileen!)

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