Toyota Clusterfracas Might Free Man Jailed For Vehicular Homicide

“Brakes, brakes not working!” screamed Lee moments before crashing his 1996 Toyota Camry into the back of another car, killing a family of three. In 2006, the Minnesota jury didn’t believe this testimony and sentenced Lee to 8 years in prison. In 2010, they might be changing their mind.

Not presented at the trial? Some 1996 Camrys had been recalled 10 years prior for “unintended acceleration” due to a flawed cruise control system. But now, the latest wave of Toyota deathtrap coverage has renewed interest in his case, and the family of the dead victims is working to overturn his conviction.

New Evidence of Runaway Toyotas May Help Imprisoned Camry Owner [ABC] (Thanks to Justin!)

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