Hot Dog Found At Coney Island May Be 140 Years Old, But Definitely A Hoax


Update: As several readers have pointed out, it’s a Coney Island publicity hoax, which probably explains why CNN yanked the clip.   *   People are calling it the caveman hot dog. Okay, nobody is calling it that. But one person interviewed by CNN News12 Brooklyn said, “That’s unbelievable, finding hot dogs that are 140 years old. That’s crazy, to me it’s crazy.” Another person said, “These things are irreplaceable, they’re priceless. And it’s great that they found it, and that it will be here for generations to come and see and learn.”

A Coney Island restaurant, Feltman’s Kitchen, is being demolished, and the reporter in the video says the frozen hot dog was found underneath it by an archeologist. No really, she says archeologist. Apparently that archeologist left to go battle Nazis or something because in the video, someone is de-icing the hot dog with a water hose. Anyway, it’s going to be put on display in March, which will only sound like a scam to you if you’ve never been to Coney Island.

Update: Aww dang, CNN has cut all ties to the story, and News 12 Brooklyn won’t let me embed it. You can watch the clip on

140-year-old hot dog found in Coney Island [News 12 Brooklyn]

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