Announcing Consumerist Mobile

We asked, “What do you want in a Consumerist iPhone app?” You said, “How about a cross-platform mobile site instead? After that we can talk apps.” Touché. So then, we give you,

I’ve been working on this project with our designers for a while and am pretty happy with the low-frills approach we got going on. You got your three pages of the latest post headlines. Clicking through gives you the post fit on your mobile device. Next and Prev backwards and forward. External links load that site in your mobile browser. Currently you you can’t read or make comments, but we will be working on how to best add comments in future releases.

thebottom.jpgHowever, if you want to make a comment, or just prefer to slide into classic mode, hit the “switch to full site” link. Send story tips or show your support with a donation from the bottom nav bar.

Bookmark on your mobile device so you can read our latest posts on-the-go, stripped down and streamlined for maximal mobile viewing pleasure. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think! We do have plans for a full-fledged iPhone app down the line, but it makes sense to do this first.

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