Pizza Hut Offers Opposite Of Volume Discount For "50 Cent" Chicken Wings

Pizza Hut is now running a promotion for 50-cent chicken wings. That’s per wing, not per order. Not the best price around, but a sensible pricing scheme. In theory. Brian writes that he discovered where this promotion begins to fall apart.

I saw an ad for “50 cent” wings at Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, they failed math class. I went to their website and here is a screenshot of what I found. It is $4 for 8 wings (math = good), $7 for 14 wings (math = good), then $13.99 for 22 wings (oops) and $24.99 for 44 pieces (really?). In other words, for $14.00, you can have two orders of 14 wings, 28 wings total, or one order of 22 wings for a penny less. I’ll take the extra 6 wings thanks….unless you are too lazy to click Qty 2.

Um, aren’t you supposed to charge less per wing as the quantities get bigger? Maybe I just don’t understand the food industry.


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