Gilette Raises Razor Blade Prices, Then Deploys Shrink Ray

Greg is unhappy with Gilette, the maker of his favored razor. He writes that first, they raised the prices (at Walmart, at least.) Then the number of razors in each package decreased, from four to three and from eight to six. Will the indignities never end?

Looks like the “Shrink Ray” has hit Gillette Fusion razors. At my local WalMart, the 4-pack that has been available for years, is being replaced by a 3-pack – at the same price! The 8-pack is also being replaced by a 6-pack.

Two additional points of interest:

1) Over the past year or so, the price of a 4-pack has increased from $11+ to $13+, and it appears that the higher price is in place for the new 3-pack.

2) The 4-pack package claims it can last for up to “3 Months”. I typically get about 5 DAYS of use from each cartridge before the lubrication wears off and I start getting nicked by the blades! Have there ever been tests on the actual life of razors?

Gillette needs to be called out on these issues!


When we were soliciting money-saving tips from Consumerist readers, many people mentioned thoroughly drying and otherwise pampering their disposable razors’ blades, and maintaining sharpness and extending the razors’ lives that way. Might that help? Any other Gilette Fusion users out there with advice?

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