U.S. Mint Redesigns Penny

Here’s the new design for the back of the 2010 penny. Instead of the Lincoln Memorial there’s now a shield, or maybe a tiny badge that you can flash whenever you want to announce, “I have jurisdiction over your pocket change.” No, I’m pretty sure it’s a shield.

You might be one of those people who thinks we should do away with the penny altogether, but that would mean taking away one of the more entertaining ways to annoy a business:

“8800 Penny Prank Takes Paying In Cash To Extremes”
“Upset With $350 Electrical Bill, Man Pays In Pennies”
“Paying With Pennies Lands Middle Schoolers In Detention”

“The Lincoln One Cent Coin—2010 and Beyond” [U.S. Mint via Boingboing]

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