Large-Footed Man Upset That Target Stopped Selling Size 13 Shoes

According to reader Dave, Target has stopped carrying size 13 men’s shoes. This makes Dave sad. 13 doesn’t seem really crazy-insane large to us, but apparently Target isn’t selling enough of them. If you want big shoes, you have to order them online.

Dave says:

To further add to the Target madness, they have decided to stop selling Men’s shoes and sandals in size 13. The largest size carried in store now is size 12. After checking with team members, there were no pegs, nor DPCI (Target sku numbers) for anything in size 13. They are available online, but for a shipping fee of course. As a man with large feet, I feel discriminated against! Shall I call the ACLU?

No, I think Consumerist was a better place to call. I’m sure there are some large-footed men around here who can tell you where to get some shoes. Whenever a retailer stops carrying a size we usually get some letters from distraught men.

So, large-footed men, where do you shop for shoes on the cheap?

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