FiOS: Lock In A $20 Per Month Price Increase With A Two Year Contract! Huh?

Our buddies over at the CR Money Blog noticed something odd about a new offer from Verizon. You can get FiOS for $89.00 for a year! Sounds good, until you realize that the prices goes up after 12 months– but the contract doesn’t end for another year.

From CR Money Blog:

You get an automatic increase to $109.99 a month, which the agreement locks you into for the next 12 months. That could be a nasty surprise if you’re not paying attention.

Why doesn’t Verizon simply say $99 for 24 months, which is what the deal actually works out to? Maybe it’s because it couldn’t display that big $89.99, which makes the offer look especially appetizing.

A $99 a month bundle isn’t all that unusual, but in New York, where Cablevision is the competition, the Verizon bundle is more expensive than the cable triple play bundle. Cablevision is offering $89.95 a month for a year with no contract that locks you into a rate increase after the promotional period is over.

Verizon FIOS offer: You’re locked in, but the price isn’t [CR Money Blog]

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