Does Geek Barbie Have Smaller Boobs?

Does the new computer savvy Barbie have tinier tatas than her predecessors? Reader jgodsey says she noticed a discrepancy in this side-by-side profile on TV. Or is it just the angle and the bodice? Here’s Geek Barbie from another angle along with another Barbie friend so we can settle this argument.


Guess that’s what happens when you give up your lead implants.

Commenter VaMPKiSS1 they collect Barbies and yes, the breasts are smaller, but it has nothing to do with this Barbie being a Geek, rather, “A few years ago, Barbie changed all their dolls’ bodies; now there are several different body types, but all of them have much smaller boobs. It was done to make her proportions more realistic. It was also about the same time they changed the Barbie face again and gave more realistic features to the non-caucasian dolls. It was a positive change, I think.”

(Photo: Migraine Chick)

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