Your Wife Doesn't Know Which Console You Have So Best Buy Sells Her Non-Refundable XBOX Live Card

Reader Bang’s says his wife wanted to surprise him (on Valentine’s Day) with a game. She didn’t know what console he had so she asked Best Buy for some help. They said he “probably” had an XBOX and sold her not only a game, but a non-refundable XBOX Live subscription. When the couple tried to exchange the purchase (he actually has a PS3), they say they were told the game could be swapped but they were stuck with the unopened, unused XBOX Live card.

Please help! My wife, over the Valentine’s, surprised me with Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox and a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live that she bought at our local Best Buys. I own a PS3 and already own Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3. So you would think it would be simple to just return it?


So we went to Best Buys and tried to return it. The CS rep told us he would take back the game but we are stuck with the Xbox game card. He flipped over the receipt and circled a statement in a big red marker that says “Best Buys does not take back consumable like phone cards. I explained it to him, that it was a gift and I have the original receipt, the game unopened and the game card was unscratched as well. My wife was getting livid as I explained the we don’t even own a xbox and she was told by the sales rep when she bought it that most likely I owned a Xbox and upsold her the 12 month subscription to Xbox Live with the game.

After arguing with him for 5 minutes and holding up a very long line of returns, he told me that I could speak to a manager. We waited 20 minutes for a manager and none came, we left with game and subscription card in hand. My wife and I were so embarrassed at that point and with the receipt being circled with a big red marker, I don’t even want to try to take it back to another store.

What makes me so mad is that over the past 10 years spending thousands at Best Buys and this probably being first return in years, Best Buys gives steady customers like me, the shaft. What’s even more sad, is that I have defended Best Buys to my family members over the past years when they had bad experiences at Best Buys.

Personally we would feel bad selling a nonrefundable item to someone who is a) buying a gift and who b) doesn’t know if it’s the right thing and is c) asking for help, but that’s probably why we are not CEOs or something by now.

Give your wife a big hug for us and then try Best Buy’s executive customer service. Perhaps they will be more flexible than the people you dealt with at the store.

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