Chase Doesn't Want Your Paltry $16 Haiti Relief Donation

Chris writes that while closing a Chase credit card, he had to decide what to do with his leftover rewards credit. He tried to donate his rewards to charity, but learned that $16 isn’t enough to be considered a valid donation. Bwuh?

I just closed a credit card with Chase yesterday. I had $16 in “rewards.” I told Chase to donate it to Haiti but apparently they only take donations in $25 increments. I then just said to them, “do whatever you want with it.” I was being charged around 26% interest with them and just needed to get out.

$16 not worth donating? Come on.

It could be that rewards simply can’t be redeemed at all until they reach $25, but closing a card forever and donating the reward balance to charity has to count for something, doesn’t it?

Next time, just tell them they can keep the money and use it to help repay TARP funds.

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