How A $19.99 Flower Arrangement Costs $49.95

Craig writes that he found a great deal from Proflowers recently: a dozen roses for $19.99. Good boyfriend and sensible shopper that he is, he ordered them for Valentine’s Day, only to discover that the delivery charges and holiday surcharges made the cost more than double.

I happened to catch a deal on tv, (PBS Sprout) for . I decided to bite the bullet and buy my girlfriend some flowers valentines day. The promo gave me a nice $19.99 dozen roses with a vase. I selected it and proceeded through the checkout, but nowhere in the checkout did it say the price until the final page, where you were to confirm your order.

The screenshot shows how a $19.99 product can become a $49.99. I think this is ludicrous, and have now written off, and went with a local shop instead.


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