12 Insane (But Awesome) Things You Can Actually Buy Online

There are lots of weird and amazing things that you can buy on the Internet. Cracked rounded twelve of the craziest things that you can order online. Most of them seem like things that someone might order if they are an aspiring supervillain. Or have so much money they don’t know what to do with it all. Or both.

We’d have to say that #8, the Water Walking Ball (pictured), provides the worst value for your money, costing $500 and providing you with only the ability to run around on the surface of water like some sort of deranged hamster messiah. Or maybe #4, the levitating hover scooter. It costs $17,000, but it’s a levitating hover scooter.

The best value, of course, is #10, the Cody Box Kite, which can theoretically lift a heavily armed man hundreds of feet off the ground to… I don’t know, shoot at birds or something. It costs $50 and promises hours of death-defying fun. Or #2, a military surplus tank. Tanks are always a solid investment, no matter how much they cost.

The 12 Most Insane Things You Can Buy on the Internet [Cracked] (Thanks, Dirk!)

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