Bottle Of Sprite Includes Free Inch-Long Cockroach

Coca-Cola in China has been fined 2.05 yuan (30 cents) after a customer found a cockroach just over an inch long inside a bottle of Sprite. At least it wasn’t Coke or another cola, because then the customer wouldn’t have noticed until the bug was in his mouth.

A man surnamed Gao, who bought a box of soft drinks containing 24 bottles of Sprite on June 23, 2007 from a supermarket in Beijing, found a three cm long cockroach-like insect inside one bottle of the popular drink.

Gao took the company to Daxing court in 2008, asking for 5.1 yuan [75 cents]. The amount included 2.05 yuan for the bottle, 2.05 yuan as a penalty, and 1 yuan in psychological damage. He additionally requested an official apology from Coca Cola.

“I don’t want money. It’s a lawsuit concerning public interests,” Gao told the Beijing News, adding that all his family members have given up the famous brand’s products because they are “disgusting”.

The company has not issued an apology, and the case has been appealed to a higher court.

Coca-Cola fined for bottled insect in soft drink [China Daily]

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