This Suitcase Is Yours For Only $27,100

There are some cases in which a suitcase can be worth $27,100: If the banker on Deal or No Deal offers you that amount, if it’s full of $27,100 worth of drugs and there are not snipers waiting for you to hand over the cash before they take you out (but there always are snipers there) or… yeah, that’s basically it. But CNN contributor Bob Greene found another suitcase that costs that much, although whether or not it’s actually worth the price is dubious.

He writes:

The $27,100 suitcase, the story said, was sold by Hermès, the luxury retailer, which has a store in Naples. The suitcase was called the Hector, and was “constructed of Officier canvas with Evercalf calfskin.”

I closed the magazine, but could not stop thinking about the suitcase. A suitcase is something that gets banged around. It sits out in the rain and snow on airport runways. Baggage handlers toss it roughly onto conveyer belts. Sometimes it gets lost on flights.

Why would anyone pay $27,100 for a suitcase?

I wouldn’t go a dime over 18,997 for the suitcase, but I’m a cheapskate. What’s the most you’ve ever paid for luggage?

The $27,000 Suitcase [CNN]
(Thanks, Ashi!)

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