Nine Things That Are Overpriced

CNN Money has put together a slideshow (ugh) of nine of “America’s biggest rip-offs,” and I think we’ve covered all of them at one point or another on Consumerist.

If you’re looking for easy ways to plug leaks in your budget, consider these tips: don’t send text messages, skip the movie concession stand, buy generic OTC painkillers, don’t buy wine at the restaurant, don’t pay for “super” gas, and avoid the mini bar and movie rentals at hotels. Oh, and for the love of money, stay away from–the only legitimately free service is offered by

The one other category CNN Money mentions is textbooks, but since they’re unavoidable for students your best bet is to look for the cheapest solutions, and also petition your professor or school to provide more affordable alternatives.

“America’s Biggest Rip-offs” [CNN Money] (Thanks to JonStewartMill!)

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