AIG Financial Products People Still Getting $100 Million In Bonuses

It’s time for the annual round of outrage at the fact that the people who wrecked the economy are getting huge bonuses.

Kenneth Feinberg, the “pay czar” says the bonuses are “outrageous” but unavoidable. Meanwhile Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says that the proposed “bank fee” will stop this sort of thing.

From the WSJ:

“If you join with us in passing this proposed fee on our largest financial institutions, you’ll be able to say as we do, that the American taxpayer will not pay a penny” to reward executives at AIG and others who had a role in the financial crisis, Mr. Geithner said.

Oh, AIG, everyone hates you.

Geithner Says Proposed Bank Fee Is Antidote to AIG Bonuses [WSJ]
‘Outrageous’ AIG bonuses attacked [BBC]

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