Woman Fights To Get 14 Cents Back

When Janet purchased $5 worth of long-distance calls nearly 10 years ago from TTI (which is now a subsidiary of Verizon), she wanted to squeeze every last bit of value out of her purchase. When the last 14 cents vanished from her account, she began a crusade to get her money back. She was laughed off, dismissed and put down, but she’s finally claimed victory, ABC 7 of San Francisco reports:

So 7 On Your Side took (Janet)’s problem to Verizon corporate who tracked down the obscure subsidiary and agreed she was owed 14 cents and Verizon was willing to pay up.

Soon after, (Janet) got a check for 14 cents.

“I am very pleased. I knew it was coming, I knew you had the magic that you do,” she said.

What’s your take on Janet’s quest — was it more virtuous or silly?

Relentless woman fights for 14 cents owed [ABC 7 San Francisco]
(Thanks, Heather!)

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